Ted McGregor

About Ted

Ted McGregor is from Canada (don't fault him for that) – “No, moose don't roam wild in the streets everywhere, sorry…”

When Ted isn't with family or working his event production gig, he likes to spend his time outdoors doing whatever he can to break through the noise of his laborious day-to-day.

He lives a stones throw away from the mighty St-Lawrence river on the south shore of Montreal and spends his time fly fishing for Musky, Pike, Smallmouth Bass and Carp. He’s also recently become infected with the Salmo salar bug and can be found wandering ATV trails in the Gaspè in search of shortcuts between pools.

A recent convert to fly-fishing from gear, his interest in fly fishing grew from a counter-culture / vagabond mindset stemming from years of exposure to music, skateboarding, snowboarding, and hip hop / graffiti cultural scenes.

He's just different - an acquired taste. Ted spends 1/3rd of the year on the road, and that includes trips to New Smyrna Beach - which he's been visiting for 10 years now.